ISO 21001


In recent development International Organization for Standardization (ISO) published a new management system standard for educational organization. The standard outlines requirements for educational organizations and the new standard of ISO 21001:2018 uses specific terms in education such as learner, curriculum, courses, learning outcomes, assessment, grades, etc. than the more regularly used ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.The expressions used, also acknowledge that the customers of education are actively involved in the process thus rigorous communication.

WHAT IS ISO 21001:2018?

The newly developed ISO 21001:2018 – Management systems standard for educational organizations defines generic requirements with guidance for practice,applicable to all organisations whose purpose is to support the improvement of competence through training, education. regardless of the type, size or method of delivery. This management system for educational organizations establishes continual improvement and ensures conformity to the requirements of learners and other beneficiaries and offers a common management tool for organisations providing educational products and services capable of meeting learner and other customer requirements.

The certification towards ISO 21001:2018 establishes its credibility of the management system as an educational organization, it ensures better alignment of objectives and activities with policy and enables the organization enhance its social responsibility by providing wide-ranging and equitable quality education. Dependable processes and evaluation tools based on EOMS requirements help the organizations to demonstrate and increase effectiveness and efficiency and meet their organizational objectives. The EOMS certificated organisation leads the other organizations in their vertex by providing a more personalized learning and effective response to all learners, in particular those with special education needs and distance learners. It broadens the participation of interested parties and improves staff motivation and morale.

Improvement is evidenced in all aspects based on effective risk management, enhanced work practices and cost saving as a result of more responsible and efficient use of the available resources.

The driving force inside the organizations to harmonize international, national and regional standards within a framework and can stimulate excellence and innovation. It may be used as a separate management system standard and can also be aligned with many other management system standards (such as ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 27001...) through the application of the high level structure

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