ISO 20121

ISO 20121 Events Sustainability Management Systems

Everyone likes to attend events; whether they be a major music festival, a national exhibition, a sporting event or even the local village fete. But with potentially huge numbers of people attending and supporting such events, over several days the legacy left behind when the event is over can be significant

If you organise and deliver events, or provide support services to events organisers, then the adoption and certification of an ISO 20121 Events Sustainability Management System (ESMS) is for you. It requires you to define and adopt a set of values based on sustainable development principles, that is internationally recognised and ensures that all aspects of the planning and delivery of events limits the social, economic and environmental impact upon the local community and society as a whole.

ISO 20121 was derived from BS 8901 which, with the blessing of the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games, promoted the idea of developing a sustainable Olympic and Paralympic games in 2012.

What is sustainability?

In this context, Sustainability simply means meeting the needs of our current generation, without affecting the ability for future generations to satisfy theirs.

Staging a Sustainable Event means that you endeavor to encourage the use of resources in an efficient and responsible way. Your actions reduce the negative impact of your event on the environment and create a positive, social and economic impact.

Benefits of certification to ISO 20121

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